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Cellulose Cartridge Filter

Cellulose Air Filter Cartridge is suitable for the filtration of fine dust type in gas turbines, compressors, shot blast, tobacco, pulverized coal ash and floating dust collection;Widest applications, dry and granular shaped particulate Metal working Shot Blasting Mining industry Chemical Gas turbine

Filter Media Types:

1.100% cellulose

2.Cellulose/Polyester blend

3.Cellulose with flame retardant treatment


1.Lowest energy consumption to save cost

2.Great filter surface and airflow

3.Uniform pleat spacing is maintained

Applicable Temperature: 65°C

Typical Applications:

A wide applications, dry and granular shaped particulate such as Metal working, Shot Blasting, Mining industry, Tobacco,Chemical, Gas turbine,Compressor, and dust removal.

Technical Data:

Model O.D I.D Length
LF/P3266 Φ324mm Φ213mm 660mm
LF/P3566 Φ352mm Φ241mm 660mm
LF/P3275 Φ324mm Φ213mm 750mm
LF/P3288 Φ324mm Φ213mm 880mm
LF/P3290 Φ324mm Φ213mm 915mm

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