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Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter

Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter cartridges are modern and reliable for air intake applications. They ensure high efficient filtration of dust and other contaminants even in the most polluted environments. Normally these are made of mixture of polyester & cellulose and Nanofiber media. These media have much better pleat ability & dimensional stability.

Dimension of gas turbine air inlet filter:


12.75” (324mm) O.D. X 26.00” (660mm) Long X 8.38” (213mm) I.D.


17.50” (445mm) O.D. (large end),and 12.75” (324mm) O.D. (small end) X 26.00” (660mm) long

Top end cap: Electrical galvanized—Open

Bottom end cap:

Electrical galvanized—Closed on cylindrical, Open on Conical

Gasket: High quality rubber gasket

Outer & Inner Liners: Electrical galvanized, Expanded and Flattened Steel

Filter mounting hardware:Molded gasket washer

Filter area: 21m2 cylindrical / 23m2 conical

Filter media description

Imported Nanoweb filter media (Comparable to F9 per EN779)

Optional: 80%Cellulose + 20%Polyester

100% Synthetic


Recommends the model of Lefilter turbine intake filter

P03-0025 12.75 26
P03-0151 17.5 26
P19-1177 12.75 26
P19-1178 17.5 26
P19-1033 12.75 26
P19-1107 17.5 26
P19-1280 12.75 26
P19-1281 17.5 26
P19-1236 12.75 26
P19-1238 17.5 26
P19-1037 12.75 26
P19-1039 17.5 26
P19-0978 12.75 26
P19-0979 17.5 26
P19-1006 12.75 22
P19-1234 12.75 22
P19-1031 12.75 26
P19-1310 12.75 22
P19-1049 12.75 22
P19-1949 12.75 34
P19-1589 12.75 34
P19-1587 12.75 34
P19-1581 12.75 34
P19-1582 12.75 34
P19-1738 12.75 34
P19-1969 23.375 11.5
P19-1971 23.375 11.5
P19-1973 23.375 11.5
P03-0065 18.75 26
P19-0848 18.75 26
P03-0067 18.75 26
P03-0067 14 26
P03-0228 23.375 3.5

Remarks: there are many models cannot be listed one by one. Please consult directly.

Model display

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