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Industrial Air Filter Dust Filter for Gas Turbine

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Industrial Air Filter Dust Filter for Gas Turbine

Cylindrical Cartridge Filter Specifications:

O.D.I.D.LengthFilter AreaFilter Media
324 mm213 mm660 mm21.00 m2Cellulose base
352 mm241 mm660 mm23.00 m2Cellulose base
324 mm213 mm750 mm26.00 m2Cellulose base
324 mm213 mm880 mm27.00 m2Cellulose base
324 mm213 mm915 mm28.00 m2Cellulose base
324 mm213 mm660 mm9.40 m2Polyester base
352 mm241 mm660 mm9.40 m2Polyester base
324 mm213 mm750 mm10.70 m2Polyester base
324 mm213 mm880 mm12.50 m2Polyester base
324 mm213 mm915 mm13.00 m2Polyester base

Filter Construction:
1.Caps: Electro galvanized / Stainless steel, no rust
2.Inner core: Galvanized mesh / SS perforated plate
3.Outer: Galvanized mesh / SS mesh / Strip band
4.Gasket: Urethane rubber
5.Straight and uniform pleat spacing
6.Durable structure and excellent workmanship

Filter Media Types:
1.100% cellulose(Suitable for large dusts collections)
2.Cellulose/polyester blend(Suitable for humidity conditions)
3.Flame retardant cellulose(Suitable for flammable dusts)
4.Spun bond polyester(Suitable for abrasive dusts)
5.Antistatic(Suitable for antistatic dusts)
6.PTFE membrane(Suitable for very fine and sticky dusts)

More style:
Industrial Air Filter Dust Filter for Gas Turbine

Applicable to gas turbines, compressors, sand blasting, tobacco volume wiring, fly ash, filter dust drift.
1. Description: Excellent performance on moist, hygroscopic, or agglomerative dust.
2 Marktets: Thermal spray, welding, mining, chemical processing, metal buffing, pharmaceutical,cement, woodworking and etc.
3. Dust types: Fumed silica, metallic fume, metallurgical powders, and etc. 
4. Available for collectors: SFF/XLC, SFFK, Torit DFT
5. Substitute: Donaldson, Nodic, BHA

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