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Bag dust collector bag damage inspection and solutions

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Bag dust collector bag damage inspection and solutions

Inspection before installation of bag dust collector

1. Inspection of the subject

The bag dust collector has undergone quality inspection and no-load operation before leaving the factory, and its performance meets the 

factory requirements. However, during the disassembly, assembly and transportation process, collisions may occur, causing the equipment

to deform, which requires timely correction.

2. Inspection of filter bags and frames

The quality of the filter bag directly affects the dust removal efficiency. Therefore, before installation, you should strictly check whether the 

seams of each filter bag are strong and whether there is any disconnection, damage, etc.

3. Inspection of ash discharge device

The ash discharge device is located in the lower box of the bag dust collector. It consists of a motor, a turbine reducer, and a screw ash 

discharge valve. During assembly, the output shaft and input shaft should be kept concentric to ensure normal operation.

4. Inspection of injection system

The injection system consists of an air bag, a control valve, a pulse valve, an injection pipe, etc. The quality of its processing directly affects the

 soot blowing effect and the consumption of compressed air.

5. Inspection of controller

Controllers (electrical control, pneumatic control, mechanical control) need to be inspected and debugged before installation. After debugging,

 they will be installed only if there are no problems.


Check the cause of damage to the dust removal filter bag

It is necessary to find out the cause of damage to the dust filter bag and keep a record of it. Whether it is caused by excessive dust temperature, 

excessive wind speed, or quality problems.

(1) Inspection and processing should avoid dust cleaning time or shutdown, and a warning sign is required. It can only be carried out when

safety  is ensured.

(2) Keep records when inspecting broken bags, find out the reasons for broken bags, and solve the problem fundamentally. If broken bags always

 appear in a certain room or somewhere, the cause of broken bags should be found from the system design and installation.

(3) After all inspection doors are opened, if no bad bags are found and the outlet emission concentration still exceeds the standard, check for 

leaky welding on the flower board or flue partition.


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