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How to control mine dust? Try this dust collector!

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How to control mine dust? Try this dust collector!

The mine bag dust collector consists of an upper box, a middle box, an ash hopper, a bracket, a filter bag assembly, a backflush cleaning mechanism, and an ash discharge valve.


The mine bag dust collector adopts the design concept of large air volume and low wind speed.

When the dust-containing gas enters the ash hopper from the lower air inlet pipe of the dust collector through the deflector, the coarse dust 

falls into the ash hopper due to the collision of the deflector and the reduction of gas velocity.

The remaining fine particles of dust enter the filter bag chamber with the gas. Due to the inertia, diffusion, and other effects of the filter fiber 

and fabric, the dust is trapped outside the filter bag. The purified gas escapes from the bag and is discharged through the exhaust pipe.

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