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Working principle of mine bag dust collector

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Working principle of mine bag dust collector 

◆Enhanced dust cleaning: It adopts pulse injection device, which has strong dust cleaning ability. Under the injection pressure of 0.2~0.3MPa, 

all kinds of dust with strong adhesion can obtain good dust cleaning effect.

◆ Low equipment resistance: The operating resistance can be stable in the range of 900~1500Pa for a long time, which is significantly lower

 than other types of bag dust collectors.

◆High dust removal efficiency: Under normal circumstances, the dust concentration is lower than 50mg/Nm3. In some occasions with special

 requirements, it can be lower than 10mg/Nm3.

◆ Convenient bag changing: The elastic expansion ring of the filter bag at the bag mouth is inlaid with the flower plate hole, which has a good

 sealing effect and is easy to disassemble and assemble, reducing the workload of bag changing and the contact between maintenance 

personnel and dust.

◆ Online/offline dust cleaning method: According to operating conditions and user requirements, the equipment can implement two different 

methods: online dust cleaning or offline dust cleaning.


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