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Industrial waste gas treatment catalytic combustion equipment process flow description

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Industrial waste gas treatment catalytic combustion equipment process flow description

Exhaust gas treatment process: dry filter + activated carbon adsorption + hot air desorption + catalytic combustion + fan chimney

Equipment design principle: adsorption and desorption + catalytic combustion


The exhaust gas containing organic matter passes through the activated carbon adsorption layer under the action of the fan. The organic matter

is trapped inside it by the unique force of the activated carbon, and the clean gas is discharged. After a period of time, when the activated 

carbon reaches a saturated state, it stops adsorbing. At this time, the organic matter has been absorbed. Concentrated in activated carbon.

The catalytic purification device is equipped with a heating chamber and a regenerator. Start the heating device and enter the internal circulation.

When the hot gas source reaches the boiling point of the organic matter, the organic matter runs out of the activated carbon and enters the 

catalytic chamber for catalytic decomposition into CO2 and H2O, and at the same time releases energy.

When the released energy is used to enter the adsorption bed for desorption, the heating device completely stops working. The organic waste 

gas maintains spontaneous combustion in the catalytic combustion chamber. The tail gas is regenerated and the cycle continues until the 

organic matter is completely separated from the activated carbon and decomposes in the catalytic chamber.

The waste heat is recovered through the regenerative bed to facilitate the next heating and waste heat. The energy recovery efficiency is high 

and the energy consumption is small. The activated carbon is regenerated and the organic matter is catalytically decomposed.


Performance characteristics

The adsorption bed adopts a drawer-type structure, which is easy to load and replace.

New type of activated carbon adsorption material, low resistance, low consumption, high adsorption rate, etc., suitable for use under large 

air volume.

The air volume of the catalytic combustion device is one-tenth of the air volume of the exhaust gas source. At the same time, the heating power is maintained for about one hour, saving energy.

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