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​Application of high-efficiency V-shaped pleated filter in animal husbandry

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Application of high-efficiency V-shaped pleated filter in animal husbandry(二)

Introduction to high-efficiency V-shaped pleated filter

The V-shaped structure design increases the filtration area within the same unit area, which is a good choice for working conditions with small 

air flow channel space.

Its filtration principle is to use adsorption method to capture and adsorb dust particles of different sizes in the air to improve air quality.

The main frame is made of ABS injection molding or a metal frame, and is equipped with an installation armrest design and a side protection 

net design, making installation more convenient and providing more thoughtful protection. A flange frame is also optional.


Basic components of air filtration in negative pressure ventilation mode in boar houses

1. Filter screen on the outer wall of the filter room (epidemic prevention filtration, purification level L9);

2. Ceiling filtration system (epidemic prevention filtration, purification level L9);

3. Circulation purification system in the locker room/laboratory when staff enter the dormitory.


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