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Steel plant blast furnace blower dust removal solution

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Steel plant blast furnace blower dust removal solution

After the blast furnace blower in the steel plant inhales air containing dust, it will cause wear and tear on the equipment. The inhaled dust will scale on the surface of the fan blades, causing the dynamic balance imbalance accuracy of the rotor in the equipment to decrease, and its working life will be greatly shortened. Dust Harmful chemical components in it will cause equipment to rust and corrode. Therefore, aerodynamic equipment must be equipped with high-precision air filters. The ZKL series of self-cleaning air filters independently produced by Liefeldt have been improved and perfected based on the air intake requirements of similar air compressors at home and abroad. The current product performance fully meets the air intake requirements of industrial gas turbine blast furnace blast air compressors and other air filters. Require.


Equipment recommendation:

Self-cleaning air filter

Product overview: The self-cleaning air filter is an integral box structure with high structural strength and good sealing performance. 

It consists of a box body, pulse valve, accumulator, high-efficiency filter element, venturi tube [1], injection pipe, pulse controller and other 


Scope of application: metal welding smoke purification, grinding and polishing, metal surface treatment, industrial production, smoke and 

smoke, technical laser cutting smoke purification, plasma cutting, purification of smoke and dust generated by grinding, and precious metal 

material recycling industry.


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