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Wood processing factory dust removal solution

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Wood processing factory dust removal solution

The necessity of dust removal in wood processing plants

Solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of natural wood. Its raw materials are mainly dried boards or square lumber.

According to the processing technology, it must first go through the batching process, that is, the boards and square lumber are sawn into pieces according to the size specifications of the parts. The processing process of wool materials of various specifications and shapes. This process mainly produces some dust from small wood blocks and sawdust. The saw path is small, the dust is dry, the dust particle size is small, and the residence time in the air is short; secondly, the finishing and shaping processing of the wool, the planing and pressing of the parts. Planing, cutting, shaping and other processing to make it smooth and smooth. This process mainly produces flake shavings and milling wood chips, which are medium-sized wood dust with large particle size. If the dust bounces or flies into people's eyes, it will cause harm. affecting normal operation. In addition, the surface modification processing of parts in the coating process, such as fine sand and polishing during the coating process, etc. This process produces wood powder, paint dust, glue-containing dust, etc. The dust generation is the most serious, and manual operations do not require professional The particle size of dust produced by vacuum equipment, sanding and polishing is small, and the dust is suspended in the air, causing great harm to the environment and workers' bodies.


Low-pressure injection pulse bag dust collector. 

This dust collector is mainly composed of a bracket, a ash hopper, a filter chamber, a clean air chamber, a filter bag, an injection device and a controller. This dust collector is a unit combination type, consisting of 1. 2, 3, and 4 unit specifications form a series. Each unit has 24 rows of 

12 filter bags each. Each unit has 336 filter bags and a filtration area of 800m2. The length of the filter bag is 6 meters and the diameter is 130mm. The material of the filter bag is polyester needle felt.

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