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Application cases of self-cleaning air filters in the biochemical industry

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Application cases of self-cleaning air filters in the biochemical industry

Filtration process: Dust-laden air is sucked in from the primary coarse filter box ① by the air compressor, and passes through the high-efficiency

filter cartridge ②. Due to the comprehensive effects of gravity inertia, diffusion, contact retention, etc., the dust is adsorbed on the high-efficiency 

filter cartridge , the clean air enters the Venturi tube ④ through the sealing gasket ③, goes to the clean air chamber ⑤ and merges into the air 

collection port ⑥, and is then sucked into the air compressor from the clean air outlet pipe ⑦.

Self-cleaning process: After the dusty air is filtered, the dust is adsorbed on the high-efficiency filter cartridge, and the PLC performs the backflush 

self-cleaning process according to the set time sequence. When the resistance loss value exceeds 600 Pa, the PLC controls it according to the 

differential pressure sequence. During the backflush self-cleaning process (backflush time is 0.1 seconds), other high-efficiency filter cartridges 

work as usual, and dust is blown back and self-cleaned.




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