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Wood processing factory dust removal solution

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Wood processing factory dust removal solution

The necessity of dust removal in wood processing plants

The rapid development of the wooden furniture industry has provided abundant resources and guarantees for the market and people's lives, 

but it has also brought pollution to the production and living environment. We can analyze the process of dust formation in wooden furniture production, the hazards caused by dust, and the current status of dust removal equipment commonly used by furniture companies.

Cloth bag cyclone

It can separate high-concentration wood dust generated from medium-density fiberboard, particleboard, sanding operations and wood product polishing operations.


Equipment recommendations

Bag filter

Product overview: The LCM-D/G long bag offline pulse dust collector is developed on the basis of the conventional short bag pulse dust 

collector. It has large air volume, good dust cleaning effect, high dust removal efficiency, reliable operation, and easy maintenance. Large 

dust removal equipment with a small footprint.

Application scope: mechanical processing, chemical production, construction manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, furniture production 

and hardware and electronic processing industries.


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