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Welding Dust Purification System for Heavy Construction Mach

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 Welding Dust Purification System for Heavy Construction Machinery Enterprise

This client is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the development and production of fork loader. It has a complete production line, including the blanking, welding, coating and testing.
We designed and manufactured the welding dust purification system for this client, used for collecting and purifying the smoke dust produced by the welding production line.
The welding station includes a number of manual welding positions and robot welding stations. After design, production, construction, installation, completion and commissioning, the project was completed within the agreed period of time and passed the customer acceptance at one time. In the process of use, the operation is simple, the system runs stably, the purification effect is remarkable and the relevant local exhaust emission standards are met, which is highly praised by users.

Dust Collector
Welding Smoke Collector
 welding dust purification system

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